Herb & Tea

by Billie Blue College of Design

Herb & Tea have the environment in mind.
Tea consumers care about the Earth. This product and branding package were created to help consumers make product choices that step away from the quick and convenient consumption of today’s modern world. Their goal is to reduce waste and minimise the impact their choices are making for the environment.
Herb & Tea have eliminated the excessive packaging and throw away lifestyle of the quick consumer. Every inch of their product can be reused by planting the seeded packaging to allow herbs to grow into your very own vegetable patch.
This brief was for a University product that required a redesign of a package.
The branding was designed to reflect the personality and values of Herb & Tea - Eco Conscious, Elegant, Transparent, Considerate and Friendly.
The herb growing from the top of the b within the logo connects the two elements together symbolising the business objectives - to improve the World we leave behind.


Silver in Beverages – Tea 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Lauren Carlson

University or Design School

Billie Blue College of Design

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