Speed and style have a new face

by Up.00 ft Vergani & Gasco


A steadily growing company and reference point in the automotive market. Customization engineering and decades of experience make RF a place where every motor lover wants to bring their vehicle. The brand image has been rebranded through Brand Strategy Brand Positioning and Brand Identity interventions resulting in a new Digital Identity.

BRIEF: Romeo Ferraris is a historic workshop specializing in the preparation of cars. Born in the early 1900s (the founder's father was Fiat's workshop manager) it took only a few years for it to become a point of reference for car preparers. Over time the workshop's activities have diversified and today four main areas can be identified:
1. Customization / Preparation of road cars
2. Traditional maintenance service performed both as authorized workshop for selected brands (Abarth / Alfa Romeo / Bentley) and as well as autonomous repair shop for others
3. Manufacturing activity: the workshop has its own car brand. It should be noted that the models built are highly customizable setups (starting point is usually a Fiat 500)
4. Racing: the workshop historically linked to the competitive field

VALUES: Essential | Concrete | Elegant | Perfectionist | Exhibitionist

MOOD & REFERENCE: Spatiality and balance between typical elements of the Italian ‘900's avant-garde . Use of effects recalling the essential projection towards the future as the artistic current of Futurism. Inspired by graphic elements typical of the studies and experiments of the 1900s. Use of “cultured” references but which can be read at multiple levels.



Un'azienda in continua crescita e storicamente punto di riferimento del settore. Istituzione nel regno delle auto personalizzazione ingegneria e preparazione rendono RF un luogo dove ogni amante dei motori vuole portare la propria macchina. L'immagine del brand già in desiderio di un restyling ha intrapreso un percorso di Rebranding attraverso...


Gold in Website Design 2022

Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022

Silver in Animation & Illustration for Websites 2022

Bronze in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Marco Apadula

Design Company

Up.00 ft Vergani & Gasco

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Romeo Ferraris

Design Team

Marco Apadula (Brand Identity Strategy & Design, Directors of Digital Identity and Photography), Luigi Vergani (Digital Identity Designer, Web Desi...


Individual Credits

Brand Identity Strategy & Design, Directors of Digital Identity and Photography: Marco Apadula
Digital Identity Designer, Web Designer Developer: Luigi Vergani