Capture People in the Street

by Kwan Kei Heung

I love exploring and observing hidden cultural clues in everywhere but I found many of these are fading out. So, my idea of illustrations is merging cultural clues and our daily life to draw people’s attention. I used to adopt illustration to connect people and culture as illustration itself has texture, personality, human touch so it is unique and easy to empathize with people. The style I would like to deliver from my illustration is like an old photograph capturing our stories and memories, so the coloring is very mute, tinted and faded. However, fashion and hipster objects is another feature on my illustration.


Gold in Illustration 2018, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Kwan Kei Heung

Design Team

Kwan Kei Heung


Individual Credits

Graphic Designer: Kwan Kei Heung