Lip Sync

by Chieh Wei, Chen

Lip Sync is a vector digital art piece that was done almost a year ago with Adobe Illustrator. The abstract piece captured my struggle with anxiety and depression a year ago. What's inside my "world" back then, was a space where I kept myself in from connecting from the outside world, a world that I truly live but fail to connect with. The feeling of emptiness from not being able to relate to reality distanced me from the world, pushed me down even further. I forgot how usual it was like, to express words, emotions through words mainly. The concept of lip sync resonated, it explains : matching a speaking or singing person's lip movements. I felt numb in my words, drown in agony.

A sense of ambiguity and abstraction has been felt from the wavy bar-code like line illustration, floating over the lip. The relationship of a 3 dimensional perspective between objects was created through the illusion these lines are aligned and layered, from foreground to middle ground (red lip)and to background. Specifically, lines the are placing diagonally intersecting with vertical ones pull and push the space to amplify the tension the red lip has brought, to let the only colored object highlights the warmth, one human element pop out: to show the want to be heard. Framing the art work with a thin outline is to highlight the idea of restraint, done with a touch.

From experiencing the fear in isolation to channeling the inner voice out , "Lip sync" helps me to tell a story that I would not have ever told.


Silver in Digital Design 2018, Non-Pro

Honorable Mention in Illustration 2018, Non-Pro

Honorable Mention in Digital Art 2018, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Chieh Wei Chen (Jessica)

Company/University or Design School

Chieh Wei, Chen


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Individual Credits

student: Chieh Wei Chen , Northeastern University