Hue+Man exhibition at Design Miami

by Joba Studio

Debuting in early 2020 with aim of fighting systemic racism in the design industry, and launched in collaboration with USM Furniture, the People of Color: Hue+Man design initiative aimed to promote emerging artists and designers of color through funding, exhibition, and mentorship. As part of its initiative, Hue+Man launched a design competition that received thousands of entries from applicants across the world. Of all who entered, ten finalists were accepted and had their work featured in the Hue+Man design exhibition at Design Miami, hosted by USM Modular Furniture.

The 2021 theme for the exhibition represents the interconnectedness of the applicants from across the world, USM’s home country of Switzerland, and the Design Miami location. This concept was achieved through promotional materials (brochure and website ads), a large wall graphic, and center installation.

On the wall you’ll see the competition winner’s projects interconnected with one another, the Swiss Alps barely peeking through the top, with map arrows and coordinates intertwined through them all. In the center of the exhibition is an installation that is created out of USM’s modular furniture and joints and dichroic film, and arranged in a way where the various finalists’ pieces come together in the center of the exhibit (making it fully immersive).


Gold in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kevin Jones

Design Company

Joba Studio

Profile Website

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Project Website

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USM Modular Furniture

Design Team

Patrick Finley, Designer; Robyn Jones, Project Manager


Entrant Companies

Joba Studios, US


USM Modular Furniture, CH

Individual Credits

Art Director: Kevin Jones
Designer: Patrick Finley
Project Manager: Robyn Jones