70th Bangkok Insurance

by Kwan Kei Heung

The theme of Bangkok Insurance (BKI) book report is 'Caring you every step of the way', it delivers positive and caring messages to the audiences. The report also tells people what activities that BKI had done for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As the brand color palette of Bangkok Insurance is dark blue, it gives a cold feeling to people, so I combined warm colors with their brand colors to bring a vibe of happiness and warmth and provide the audiences a caring and warm feelings. Besides, it was the 70th year of Bangkok Insurance that was a milestone for the development of the company, so I created a 70-shaped headquarter building of Bangkok Insurance where many employees were working inside the building.


Gold in Illustration 2018, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Kwan Kei Heung


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Bangkok Insurance

Design Team

Kwan Kei Heung


Individual Credits

Graphic Designer: Kwan Kei Heung