Harmons Private Brands Packaging

by Mighty Fudge Studios

Harmons Grocery is a regional retailer in Utah known for its whimsical in-store chalk art, epicurean food selection, delectable to-go meals, and world class service. Harmons three key principles for Private Brands are: Quality Ingredients, Sustainably Sourced & Packaged, and Chef Inspired. This laid the foundation for their new brand aesthetic. A kraft label and carton with custom doodles and illustration to complement the store decor and create a cohesive brand on shelf. The in-store prepared items use custom designed characters inspired by real people who work at Harmons. The new design not only delivers on quality with the food that’s in the package, but dominates on shelf, and at home on their customer’s counter.


Silver in Packaging Design 2022

Bronze in Retailer 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kimberly Mallek

Design Company

Mighty Fudge Studios


Harmons Grocery

Design Team

Kimberly Mallek, Patrick Mallek


Individual Credits

Harmons Creative Director: Stefanie de Blank
Harmons VP of Marketing: Lindee Nance
Harmons Grocery Director: Michael Arbuckle