Litmus Press Publishing Website

by Flyleaf Creative, Inc.

Our goal was to showcase a comprehensive poetry catalogue to: 1) seamlessly combine content from 3 presses and 2 additional websites, 2) promote new book titles and special events, 3) make it easier for users to browse and/or search, and 4) promote membership and support. The site was designed to feel engaging and friendly while celebrating the intellectual rigor of the work, specifically in the fields of feminist avant-garde worlds of poetry, literature, and art. We designed a site that brings together the current works and back catalogs from their three affiliated presses under one roof; highlights their extensive network of contributors and authors; reimagines their shop and opportunities for support; features useful resources like teaching guides

We created a feature-packed new website with a bold color palette to complement the Litmus Press brand and their brilliant works of literature.
We designed the Catalogue to invite customers to easily browse books and/or filter book titles by publisher, genre, availability, and also by contributor role and designed a Contributors section so users can search by author, artist, translator, editor OR by publisher. Having this companion section allows users to find the authors they are looking for, as many have multiple book titles.

We worked closely with client to advise on best methods to import filemaker database to ease the burden of manual data entry. Built a new ecommerce shop that incorporated products, membership, and donation pages for customers looking to make a purchase or to support the organization. We designed the shop to feature eye-catching graphics and clear nomenclature and navigation. Created a dedicated space for resources that extend the mission and educational efforts of their contributors.


Honorable Mention in Website Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Audrey Stanton

Design Company

Flyleaf Creative, Inc.

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Litmus Press

Design Team

Anita Merk, Creative Director, Audrey Stanton, Visual Designer, Tim Falotico, Project Manager


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Anita Merk
Visual Designer: Audrey Stanton
Project Manager: Tim Falotico