DuPont Beauty Seam Agent

by UCSI University

uPont, founded in 1802, is a scientific enterprise. With innovative products, materials and services,Because DuPont Beauty Seam Agent is a two-in-one, The packaging design consists of two tubes. Due to the particularity of use, the packaging shape cannot be changed. The design of the two tubes is limited, which brings challenges to the design. The function of the beauty seam lies in the beauty seam, so the entire packaging design cleverly sews the packaging defects. The two packaging tubes are wrapped with floor tile patterns. You can choose the appropriate seam according to the color of the floor tiles you like at a glance. Yeah, it is more intuitive to use in packaging, clever design, more effective interpretation of brand functions.


Silver in Packaging Design 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Sun Jian

University or Design School

UCSI University

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Design Team

Sun Design, Cheng Kin Memg