Fall 2021 Concert Poster

by Virginia Tech

I was tasked with creating an 11" x 17" promotional poster for the Blacksburg Master Chorale's first concert since 2019.
When I interviewed chorale members, I was struck by their stories from their performance during COVID isolation. Each member recorded themselves singing their parts of the song and the director combined all of the recordings to "create" the songs. They admitted that they were not satisfied with their voice alone and felt that it was such a weird thing to do because they were used to hearing others sing while they were singing.

This story served as inspiration for the poster- I thought about all of the different part of the choir-- the soprano, alto, tenor, bass... and also the diversity of people who made up the chorale. What we hear is a result of all of them singing their parts together, and hearing the individual parts doesn't make much sense. When I talked about this idea with the chorale director, he noted seeing birds coming together to fly south-- a common scene in the autumn season and so we chose to use birds as our many "parts" of the song.


Bronze in Poster and Brochure Design 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Sarah Gugercin

University or Design School

Virginia Tech

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Blacksburg Master Chorale


Entrant Companies

Four Design, Virginia Tech's Student-Run Design Studio, US


Blacksburg Master Chorale, US

Individual Credits

Professor and Creative Director: Jeff Joiner
design feedback: Stephanie Schmidt