Mobile application branding

by LongeBlack

The design was inspired by the idea of giving great significance to one person.

The idea is to transform the average person into an influential figure, which stems from the essence of human relationships and the fact that every person has a sphere of influence.
The main aim behind using quotation marks in dialogue is to emphasize your words.
We altered this idea into something that can be visually signified. The TRI (The Real Influencer), which is someone with a drastically small number of followers in comparison to what is currently known as an influencer on social media.
“You are the statement”,
meaning you hold sway,
your opinion matters,
you are the impact,
you are Impactyn.


Bronze in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Nour Nadim

Design Company


Profile Website

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Design Team

Nour Nadim, Mohamed Samman, Sherif Emad


Entrant Companies

LongeBlack, EG
Impactyn, EG


Impactyn, EG