Handcrafted Fine knives

by LongeBlack

The Brand name “Sekeen” is Arabic for “Knife” and so the part taken out of the letter “K” in the design looks like a knife upside down. This letter was also designed to be used as an icon to make the brand stand out.
The knife missing from the “K” icon resembles Sekeen’s actual position in the Egyptian market.
Prior to Sekeen there was a market gap for high-end knives.
We designed a carefully crafted package with a wax seal to ensure a safe and elegant delivery of their fine handmade Damascus steel knife.
We envisioned the potential in the brand, conceptualized, researched and executed it,
leading them to become the pioneer brand for fine knives.


Silver in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Nour Nadim

Design Company


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Design Team

Nour Nadim, Mohamed Samman, Sherif Emad.


Entrant Companies

LongeBlack, EG


Sekeen, EG