365 days Taiwanese Foods Calendar

by Asia University

The 365days Taiwanese Foods Calendar presents a variety of Taiwanese food as the main visual presentation. Combining the traditional shredded calendar, the merchandise presents the meaning of 365 dishes of Taiwanese cuisine. The calendar design features illustrations and is accompanied by descriptions of ingredients, corresponding eating months, 24 solar terms, and eating corresponding festivals, all of which reflect how oriental people value time arrangements in their culture. The overall concept of the outer packaging is the "Bento Box" which symbolizes the culture of the civilians in Taiwan. Open the bento, inside is a set of Taiwanese food calendar and a paperweight with the image of a spoon—means full of satiety, from the inside out. Both show the significance of Taiwan's food culture. The magnetic buckle design is used for collection and display, which is practical and interesting, suitable for gifts or personal use! The calendar not only conveys the rich diversity of Taiwanese cuisine, but also has a deeper understanding of the unique Taiwanese cuisine culture. We look forward to carrying forward the spirit of Taiwanese cuisine and traditional culture through creation.


Silver in Merchandise Design 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Goyen Chen

University or Design School

Asia University

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INFliGht (飛行模式)

Design Team

Hsiao Ting Tang

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Individual Credits

Illustrator: HSIAO TING TANG
Designer: GOYEN CHEN