Preserving Timeless Wisdom

by noformat, inc.

Asian Legacy Library is a global non-profit organization that provides a combination of technology, scholarship, and partnership used to locate, digitally preserve, and safeguard the priceless cultural wisdom literature. Using the digital library as an access point, scholars, translators, and authors can reference to keep these teaching traditions alive in the world.

For 30+ years, they’ve painstakingly documented some of the rarest cultural wisdom literature of the world. By partnering with preservationists, the non-profit has located, scanned, inputted, and cataloged the priceless texts to create a database that is accessible to everyone—no matter where they are.

Now, thanks to the extensive library, the Asian Legacy Library (ALL) is helping to safeguard these precious texts for future generations.

It was a privilege to take an active role in keeping alive original teachings and commentaries to preserve essential parts of Asian and South East Asian heritage and culture.


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