Scholastic 2017 Holiday Card

by Scholastic Inc.

Scholastic Corporate Communications develops an annually printed holiday card and animation that incorporates elements from a best selling Scholastic book published in the same year. The message is always sent as a warm seasons greetings, though—this year in particular—we selected the Why Am I Me? because of its message of inclusion, acceptance, self discovery, and love. We felt that these values imbued in the message were an extremely timely and subtle corporate response to the uncertain and divisive climate within the US political climate. The printed and animated card are shared internally and externally with our business and media partners.

Gold in Illustration 2018
Silver in Mix Media/Moving Image 2018
Silver in Computer Animation 2018
Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2018

Design Director
Jeremy Goodwin
Design Team
Jeremy Goodwin (Creative Direction and Lead Designer); Malcolm Meehan (Animation Design); Stefany Turrado (Project Manager), Mariana Martins (Designer); Sean Qualls and Selina Alko (Original Key Art Illustrators); Paige Britt (Original Book Author of 'Why Am I Me?'); Tracy Mack (Trade Agent from Scholastic Press); Dave Harrington (Original Musical Composition for the Animation) Please note Illustration copyright: Illustrations copyright © 2017 by Sean Qualls and Selina Alko from the picture book Why Am I Me? by Paige Britt, published by Scholastic Press.
Scholastic Inc., US

Art Director of Original Book
Marijka Kostiw, Scholastic Inc.
Sr Digital Producer
Chris Johnson, Scholastic Inc.
Manufacturing Pre-Production Manager
Therese Mahler, Scholastic Inc.
Manufacturing Manager
Elyse Hart, Scholastic Inc.
Corporate Communications/Media Relations, SVP
Kyle Good, Scholastic Inc.
Design Project Manager
Stefany Turrado, Scholastic Inc.
Trade Book Group, VP & Publisher
Tracy Mack, Scholastic Inc.
Mariana Martins, Scholastic Inc.
Animation Design
Malcolm Meehan
Author of Original Story
Paige Britt
Creative Direction + Lead Designer
Jeremy Goodwin, Scholastic Inc.
Sean Qualls
Dave Harrington
Selina Alko

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