annual program georgian chamber orchestra Ingolstadt

by Agentur Junges Blut®

For our long-standing customer, the Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt, we were once again able to design the annual program this year. This time the focus was on “the pulse of the city”. So we used a breath of fresh air and vibrant colors to underline this year‘s motto. In doing so, we created a connection between the exciting vibe of the city and classical music. The brochure was printed in brilliant colors on the finest offset paper, which also makes it a haptic experience.


Gold in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2022

Silver in Entertainment 2022

Bronze in Promotional Materials 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Jochen Weiler

Design Company

Agentur Junges Blut®

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GKO - Georgisches Kammerorchester Ingolstadt

Design Team

Levan Lomidze