The Aurumspeak - A traditional Chinese handmade jewelry's online store

by Limvi studio

The Aurumspeak, the name carries the simplicity the design studio promises. The character 丈 has four strokes: 一 (horizontal), 丨(vertical), 丿(left-falling stroke), 乀(right-falling stroke). Together, they form the foundation of Chinese penmanship. Yet, with these simple strokes, one of the world's most complex languages is created. Likewise, the beauty of the jewelry from Aurum Speak comes from a fundamental principle.

This website aims to translate Aurumspeak's mission and vision while displaying and selling Aurumspeak's products online. The landing page design is inspired by the traditional Chinese characters and the elements of gold. The ornamental details, such as lines, dots, and squares, were added to emphasize Aurumspeak's brand identification, which is the traditional Chinese workshop, a "One shop, one crafter.". The website is built on the Shopify platform to serve the online shop functionalities. All main pages were developed under dynamic sections using Shopify liquid, so the owner and editors of the site can quickly edit the text copies and pictures from the dashboard.


Silver in Websites Design for Social Change 2022

Bronze in Website Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Man Xu

Design Company

Limvi studio

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Design Team

Man Xu, Tuo Zhang, Wenjia Zong, Jingru Guo, Jianqing Cui

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Entrant Companies

Limvi Studio, US

Individual Credits

Lead Product designer: Man Xu
Product designer: Tuo Zhang
Front-end developer: Jianqing Cui