Graphic Designer

by Clara Ongil Lopez

Lullabelles is a jewelry brand designed for the most special bond of all. A maternity chime necklace worn on a long chain over the belly with a round pendant that encloses a delicate bell that chimes in harmony with mamma’s movements. As the mom-to-be moves the chime gently around the belly, the baby gets used to it and reacts to its soft sound.

The visual identity represents the most special bond of all: the mom-child bond. The logo and its uppercased B, which is also a mom-to-be profile, represent this connection. With the combination of warm complementary tones, a beautiful and friendly serif typeface, engaging copy and realistic photography, the brand seeks to highlight the jewelry elegance and its special benefits across each piece.


Gold in Fashion Brand 2022, Freelancer

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Clara Ongil Lopez

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