Skol 2018 Illustrations

by Barca

Beer in Brazil is not just a drink, it’s an cultural element. For years Brazilian beer advertisements were limited to woman’s sexualization.

Skol, one of the most popular Brazilian beer brands, has been rebranding itself as a more inclusive and progressive beer. By doing this, it's also reshaping a whole market in the process.

In 2017, Tatil (communication and design agency) created a manual for Skol’s identity and invited Barca Studio to develop their new illustration style. Skol communicates closely with Brazilian culture and habits, therefore it was extremely important for them to pick an Illustration studio based in Brazil that could translate themes like carnival, summer and music.

Barca created modular illustrations that can be dismembered and combined for multiple usages: packaging, product, advertising, promotional materials, social media, etc. Using brand's colors, the style also relies on fluid compositions that reflects Skol's beer lightness.


Gold in Illustration 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Gabriela Namie

Design Company



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Design Team

Jun Ioneda, Henri Campeã