Schroedinger's Cat

by Dexin Chen

In the game of truth or false, reality can be an illusion or vice versa. The two can never be distinguished, and there is no exact definition. In the experiment “Schrodinger’s Cat”, the cat can be in a superimposed state of life and death. Only by opening this Pandora’s box can the answer be revealed.

The uncertainty in this is unlimited. In this work, I incorporate the concept of dislocation space, which blends the dots, lines, and planes with the multiple planes interlaced by the color blocks. This space can be an open box, a walk-in, a mirror, and several stairs. The black cat flies in this space, and the shadow can unexpectedly reflect its face. Here, the shadow can become the subject, and the subject can also be understood as the shadow. Due to the different shades of color, this cat may have become another cat. Everyone can have their own understanding and definition. Therefore, the so-called “result” can be single or unlimited.


Gold in Illustration 2022, Student

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Lead Designer

Dexin Chen

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