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Nectar is a fictional brand that sells hygiene and beauty products while promoting women’s empowerment and environmentalism. Its mission is to revitalize women by supporting women who empower women without harming women, including Mother Nature.

The name Nectar references the divine drink of the Greek gods and goddesses. In Greek mythology, nectar provides immortality and restores health. Some historians believe nectar is the Greek mythology equivalent of honey, because honey was significant to Greek culture due to its health and antimicrobial benefits.

While brainstorming clean imagery and concepts for Nectar’s visual identity research, I came across the smooth marble of Renaissance statues. However, Renaissance statues are often associated with high art, social status, and idealized forms. I wanted Nectar to stray away from that exclusive culture. To do this, I thought it would be effective to reimagine the Renaissance statues with imperfections, vibrant colors, and relaxed, casual poses. The grainy textures in Nectar’s imagery contribute to Nectar’s casual and approachable identity, while also simulating recycled material. Bees appear alongside the statues in Nectar’s visuals in order to represent the honey-based ingredients of Nectar’s products and to promote a friendship with nature.

To accompany Nectar’s shampoo, conditioner, and body butter products, I also created marketing collateral including towels, washcloths, umbrellas, hats, and a reusable tote bag.

I designed one scent and statue concept, but Nectar is meant to have multiple to represent a variety of women!


Bronze in Health & Beauty 2022, Student

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Caitlin Smith

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Grand View University

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