Learn in Story

by Raffles Design Institute

Learn-in-story produced a conceptual and experiential educational centre that introduces innovative workshops into the children’s psychological, physiological, and social wellness. This trademark is a combination of the acronym of learning in story letter shapes. Visually, it also represents a foot design and even a pathway towards the understanding destination. Its distinctive logo represents its iconic signature with fluidity in terms of learning without learning through animated stories. Its heightened arc signifies the peak of story conflict that leads towards the excellent resolution.


Honorable Mention in Logos for Social Change 2022, Student

Honorable Mention in Education for Social Change 2022, Student

Honorable Mention in Kids 2022, Student

Honorable Mention in Media 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Tienny The

University or Design School

Raffles Design Institute

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Individual Credits

Lecturer: Jack Liew
English Lecturer: Queenie Chan Lee Min