Polin and Herman Wedding Packet Design

by Polin Kuyumciyan

This project is a personal one, designed from beginning to end for my wedding. My husband and I got married in August 2021 and I had the chance to design for us this time. First item was the physical invitation it was followed by digital invitation design. After these two came the rest of the project: menu, table cards, Photobooth exterior and photo frames, bottle tags, photograph envelopes and cocktail menu followed. Everything was in green and beige tones and decorated with big palm leaves and pampas in order to match the decoration.
The most interactive part of the project is the physical invitation as it comes within an envelope and the receiver has to slide the paper vertically upward in order to read wedding details. The wedding date and the name of the bride and groom are printed on the envelope as that is the initial information. When on slides the interior paper out, the front face of the paper consists of the formal invitation in Armenian and Turkish. On the back side, all the events, represented by a fun icon, are listed from top to bottom in time order.


Silver in Branding 2022, Freelancer

Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2022, Freelancer

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