Setting the stage for a new leader in oral health

by Lippincott

In 2018, DentaQuest joined forces with Lippincott on a brand transformation that reaffirmed its mission of improving access to oral healthcare across communities.​

Fast forward to 2020, when a nonprofit affiliate became majority owner of DentaQuest, alongside other organizations seeking to improve oral health through advocacy, research, care delivery, grantmaking and more. Lippincott was once again called on, this time by the new organization, to create a brand that would set the stage for big impact.​

Thus, the CareQuest Institute for Oral Health was born. Lippincott partnered with company leadership to create a brand platform, name, architecture strategy and visual and verbal identity that communicated the Institute’s unique ambitions.​

The brand platform crystallizes the Institute’s purpose to improve the oral health of all. Its new name, the CareQuest Institute for Oral Health, serves three purposes: it’s intuitive and clearly connected to the mission and purpose, grounded in the benefit the organization provides and indicative of a commitment to progress and impact.​

Given the complexity of navigating the nonprofit and for-profit groups within CareQuest’s portfolio, it was incredibly important to set an architecture strategy. Consolidating equity where possible and creating distinction where needed, we identified the appropriate branding approach for each entity within the CareQuest Institute portfolio.

All of this work was then manifested in the vibrant CareQuest Institute identity. After a broad exploration, we aligned around a logo that signaled progress, connectivity, and humanity without losing stature. The vibrant colors and multi-layered “C” inspired a full visual identity, with bold graphics, striking and candid photography, clean illustrations and proprietary infographics.​

We defined a bold brand voice to drive consistency across communications, grounded in a bespoke voice character that helped to evoke the brand’s spirit as a torchbearer, innovator and enabler. Our team worked then closely with CareQuest’s...


Silver in NGO & Non-Profit 2022

Bronze in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Bethany Lesko, Partner, Design​

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Design Team

Rui Maekawa, Senior Design Director, Alex Marcus, Senior Associate, Brand Voice, Myung Jin Lee, Designer​, Christal Sih, Design Director​, Erin Zha...

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Individual Credits

Senior Partner, Brand Strategy​: Michael D’Esopo
Partner, Brand Strategy: Jake Hancock
Senior Consultant: Meredith Brandt