Harbour Masters - Port of Rotterdam 2025

by wearereasonablepeople

The Port of Rotterdam, Division Harbour Master, commissioned our design team to communicate their vision for a self-automated Port. The result was an illustration depicting a number of the current innovation projects already in process at the Port. The Port of Rotterdam has an ambition to drastically reduce their environmental impact by applying new technologies. Our development team is helping them realize their vision. Our illustration is continuing to help guide them.

Gold in Illustration 2018

Design Director
Erik Fuente
Port of Rotterdam
Design Team
Chiara Vercesi & Jannita Schnitzler

Senior Visual Designer
Chiara Vercesi, wearereasonablepeople
Technology director
Chris Beemster , wearereasonablepeople
Business Director
Auke Ferwerda, wearereasonablepeople
Visual Designer
Jannita Schnitzler, wearereasonablepeople

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