97 Glowic & 97 Supreme

by Epikinono Studio

Chinese medicines usually give people an impression that they are complex and slow in preparation, which is different from the fast and convenient lifestyle nowadays. A new Chinese medicine brand, PY Beautyland, is established to challenge the conventional perception towards Chinese medicines by making flavourful instant Chinese medicines. With the shared vision on new Chinese Medical culture, we worked with PY Beautyland, based in Malaysia on their first launched Chinese medicine collagen and metabolism product, 97 Glowic & 97 Supreme.

Inspired by the story of Yang Kwei Fei, one of the Four Beauties of ancient China, and her silver fragrance sachet with grape flower & bird patterned. The silver fragrance sachet is belonging to a beautiful ancient lady that exudes the scent of the fragrance. In addition to being a symbol of beauty, it is also known as one of the aesthetic antiques that combine wisdom and art. Our creation of the brand concept and packaging design is focusing on combining the ancient beautiful story and the contemporary art direction, illustrate the grape flower & bird elements with line art on the packaging design to deliver the beautiful brand personality in modern looks and feel.


Silver in Packaging Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Yimin Heng

Design Company

Epikinono Studio

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PY Beautyland

Design Team

Kin Yap, Soon Cai Ling


Individual Credits

Designer: Yimin Heng
Designer: Kin Yap
Designer: Soon Cai Ling