Fly Me to the Moon

by York University/Sheridan College

Love can be euphoric, romantic, sweet, and fun.

Fly Me to the Moon is a handwritten and expressive typography spread based on the lyrics of the song, Fly Me to the Moon (cover version by The Macarons Project). Taking inspiration from the original song and the cover, my idea was to express the euphoric, romantic and sweet feeling of being in love in the spreads. As a designer and illustrator, I've interpreted the chorus of Fly Me to the Moon in a very expressive way, inspired by the lyrics itself. The hand lettering and illustrations of the spread are mainly created with Adobe Illustrator. I've also added a drop shadow to all of the visual elements to make them look like paper cutouts, which is inspired by love letters.

The colour palette of the handwritten lyrics is inspired by the moon, stars, and other objects mentioned in the song. The colours I have used are mainly blue, yellow, green, and orange to represent those objects. Other than the hand lettering and illustrations, two typefaces were used throughout the spread as well, they're "Shorelines Script" and "Homeday". This piece is meant to show you how it feels to be in love, just like the lyrics of Fly Me to the Moon.


Bronze in Lettering 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Christy Tsang

University or Design School

York University/Sheridan College

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