Gummy Monster-The taste of the world

by New York Institute of Technology

What kind of candy can make you experience life in a moment after eating? If there is such a thing, it must be very memorable.

In traditional Japanese mythology, ancient monsters devour humans. The continuously devoured soul accumulates into four different attributes. These four attributes are not only taste but also people's emotions. They are derived into four symbols. Sour: a pungent taste, representing envy and jealousy in emotion. It is an indispensable trait in human nature. Sweet: a pleasant taste, representing happiness and any positive attitude in life. Bitter: A painful taste, it represents all the negative emotions of pain and unsatisfaction in the world. Spicy: a strong sense of taste, it represents radical emotions and exists in our lives in the form of anger. When we understand these four tastes in the world, we can start an interesting journey, because for us, they are not only tastes, but also different symbols in life.

The concept of this series of candies is to let us enjoy the different feelings in life. When we taste every detail in life, it is like eating different flavors of candy, reminiscing the classics of complicated life.


Silver in Illustration 2022, Student

Silver in Food - Other 2022, Student

Bronze in Packaging Design 2022, Student

Bronze in Character Design 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Alex Wang

University or Design School

New York Institute of Technology

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