New digital design (UI/UX) and branding for Shyftplan

by Doop

After great success in Germany itself, Shyftplan has the ambition to expand its planning software to all German-speaking countries in Europe. However, Shyftplan realized that the 'startup mentality' was still very tangible. Doop was brought in to give the company a prominent and internationally oriented presence. The question for Doop was to develop a concept consisting of repositioning, a completely new design and an optimized website.

Shyftplan makes complex schedules transparent and help guiding companies in the right direction.
This is the starting point for the new logo. A merge of the letter s and y form the basis of it. The letter y was already distinctive in the brand name and now it is in the logo as well. The three arches in the logo represent movement and the pieces of a puzzle that must be placed during planning. The arches are repeated again as the basis of the visual identity. The curves symbolise dynamism, but also friendliness and involvement; appropriate to the communication of the employees involved. In the arches you can recognize an abstract bird, referring to the overview that Shyftplan offers. We incorporated this design into the website in combination with Shyftplan's strategy. The website is completely focused on Shyftplan's new positioning and clearly tells its story.


Gold in Digital Design 2022

Silver in Technology 2022

Bronze in Website Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Timo Kleinhout & Nick Put

Design Company


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