Illustrated Alphabet

by Carlo Cadenas

I decided to use 3D Software exclusively to give me the opportunity to establish letters and numbers in space and composition of environment as a way to open up to a new path, different and with a different approach at a creative level. By establishing alternating color compositions I was able to delimit several parameters and follow the exploratory way of the form to give life to each one of the letters and numbers. Every main recognition parameter was altered to seek to obtain the desired result. Each shape mutated with a distinctive unique trait in the symbols. Each material was selected with a previous related study to determine its use in the compositions. The lighting compound was determinant because it set the basis of variants that would give colored to the compounds. This is the result of my experimentation for the Instagram challenge "36 Days of Type 2016".


Gold in Illustration 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Carlo Cadenas


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