Columbus Zoo Rebranding Project

by Savannah College of Art and Design


The first zoo in Columbus, the Columbus Zoological Company, was located in the north Riverview neighborhood of Beechwold in Clintonville. The zoo opened in May 1905 but closed for unknown reasons only five months later, in October 1905. The present Columbus Zoo opened in 1927 as Columbus Zoological Gardens. Columbus took over the zoo's management in 1951 but later gave up ownership to Zoological Park Association, Inc, a non-profit organization, in 1970. The city continued providing funds from the city's general fund, however, until 1986.

Current Visual Identity
In this Identity of Columbus Zoo, roughness and bold strokes give a feel of animals' wildness.

Organization Target Audience
The target audience is families with young children and people who love animals and other species. As I prepared for this project, I found it was essential to look at these aspects of the organization.

Weaknesses of the Zoo
While the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has many strengths, they do have some weaknesses:
1. Large open areas for animals to roam result in missed opportunities to view animals. If the animals are not where people can see them, it is a missed opportunity for the consumer and might not be satisfied with their visit.

2. Customers become angry because they cannot find where Kangaroo walk or 4D theatre shows are located due to the flawed infographic map, and they cannot seem to find their way to the exit to leave the park. These are some weaknesses, and there are many negative reviews because of lousy map illustrations.

3. The improved mark was not recognizable. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has an excellent organizational position, but the identity mark is not legible. Also, a color combination of the mark does not go with the organization. The Type of Identity mark looks...


Gold in Promotional Materials 2022, Student

Gold in NGO & Non-Profit 2022, Student

Silver in Branding 2022, Student

Silver in Logos 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Sonali Suresh Mestri

University or Design School

Savannah College of Art and Design

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