BridgeWorks Generational Playing Cards

by BridgeWorks

At the generational consulting company that I worked for, nostalgia and remembering the events and conditions one grew up in were always the best ways that clients and audiences learned to understand the topic. For our holiday gift, I created a deck of playing cards that feature key historic events, people, and pop culture that each of the four definitive, living generations experienced and remember fondly (i.e. the Millennial generation remembers the rise of pop icon Britney Spears; the Baby Boomer generation remembers playing with Mr. Potato Head, etc).

The gift included 52 playing cards, a postcard describing the gift and wishing our clients a Happy Holidays, and the playing card box. I hand-illustrated each of the 52 cards, the deck's packaging, and the holiday card.


Gold in Illustration 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Nicole Timmerman

Design Company