Different City

by Tsinghua University

In 2019, we have witnessed the fire accident on the Notre Dame, taking great toll on human civilization. Inspired by such a hotspot topic, I put forward with futuristic world form based on on the use of postmodern eclecticism on world architectural heritage, which took 8 months to complete. I have conducted the refinement and transformation of elements towards the Notre Dame, Yuanmingyuan, site of ancient Athens to deliver astonishing visual impacts to audiences in a weightless and abnormal state. Such a unique perspective and expression method constitutes a great highlight in the design of "Arcane Space".

Certainly, only when design clangs to consummate artisanship, can it be brought into full play in terms of architecture and outlining. Pertaining to the color matching, I acquired specific color through screening of the Pantone color card myself on the two scarves to satisfy mass production without color difference. In terms of the fabric selection, I have conducted processes including washing and try-on tests with more than 40 samples of finished products featuring various thickness, texture and crimping process. In the end, twill fabric was my final choice that is the best one in gloss and stiffness.

Finally yet importantly, through the inclusion and integration of design and artisanship, the silk scarves of the "Arcane Space" series were recognized by a designer of Hermes- Pierre Marie, which to have been exhibited in International Fashion Week in 2019. He praised, “This piece of work has matched up the international standard".

As far as I am concerned, meticulous design and artisanship of each work holds the only key to unanimous recognition at home and abroad. I hope that my introduction can fully present the charm of this work. Thank you very much!


Gold in Illustration 2022, Student

Gold in Merchandise Design for Social Change 2022, Student

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MingJun Luo

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Tsinghua University

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