Everyday Massive Brand

by Andrew Suggit

Rename & rebrand a business bent on defining the employee experience. 13 years ago ‘Jaxzyn' launched as two people. Today, they're a team of 24, comprising — Strategists, Creators, Communicators, Researchers & Designers. Because of this, they needed to shift from the founders' surname to a purpose-driven name and brand that elevated the team they had become.

Their ambition is to create a world where people go to work happy and come home happier — and do this at scale for large organisations. We realised it wasn’t monumental events or ‘radical disruption’. Instead, real transformation occurred in the everyday.

Every moment, every conversation, every action, every interaction, every smile, every day, creates massive impact — 
Everyday Massive. The employee experience company.

We created a wordmark that connects through the common ‘E/M’. This forms the content framing device for all small screen and large stage keynote presentations as our key platform for collaborator communication and interaction. The common 'E/M' is used for social applications, animations and print. A primary disruptive colour palette references safety culture, with a soft secondary range for presentations. Illustration injects humour. And our Everyday ( ), Massive ( ) forms the basis for our key messaging.


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Everyday Massive

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