Lan Ya Bai Yun

by Sun Jian

This book is Wu Yuanxin's masterpiece. He is a master craftsman and the national heir to blue calico. He spent 5 years in 21 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. It has collected more than 40 years of collection and research results, and created an integration of printing and dyeing patterns of heavyweight Chinese handicrafts. Books record, research and restore the technology of blue calico. These pictures and text fully demonstrate the mystery and charm of Chinese blue dye. It has inherited the wisdom, artistic aesthetics and cultural beliefs of its ancestors for thousands of years. Revitalize. The book uses a unique binding design. The cover design of the book uses a linen cloth surface magnetic hardcover cover to suppress the concave blue. These two characters come from the ancient wisdom of ancestors gathered for thousands of years. The purpose of the hand-made open spine is to increase the sense of nature, and the blue lock line is connected with the main color of the blue calico. It is ancient, elegant, clean, dedicated, and has a profound cultural heritage and collection value. Open this "classic collection" of Chinese blue dyes and open up the charm of 800 years of printing and dyeing craftsmanship!


Gold in Book Design 2021, Freelancer

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Sun Jian

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