Times of Waste

by Sonia Malpeso

Times of Waste is a research project exploring the potential of waste as a dynamic and transformable resource. The project aims to dissect cultural connotations of waste and to encourage a sustainable approach and use of raw materials.

The project's traveling exhibition (2017–2020) offered an assemblage of different fragments playing together associatively: a projection mapping of atmospheric landscapes, a geographic smartphone animation, sound essays, metal relics derived from smartphones, and print collateral. Alongside the exhibition, educational events were held in and around the area of Basel (CH), including GPS-based audiowalks, panel discussions, and workshops. The visual identity's layered and collaged aesthetic is marked by photomontage and abstract compositions, with the intent to visually reflect the complex and convoluted nature of the world between resource and waste.

// Project team: Flavia Caviezel (visual anthropology), Mirjam Bürgin (scenography/education), Anselm Caminada (music, sound design), Sonia Malpeso (graphic design & design research), Adrian Demleitner (programming, tech supervision), Marion Mertens (environmental studies), Yvonne Volkart (art theory/lecturer at HGK), Andreas Simon (supervision Digital Archive), Samuel Hanselmann (photography)

// Exhibition Credits: Conception & Realisation: Research team Times of Waste, in collaboration with the Museum der Kulturen Basel/Stephanie Lovász, Graphic Design: Sonia Malpeso, Animation: Andrea Zaccuri, Translation/Proofreading: Peter Burleigh, Metal Construction: Froelich & Corbella GmbH


Gold in Interactive Design 2021, Freelancer

Silver in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2021, Freelancer

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