Economic Insights Fourth Quarter 2020

by Brendan Barry

Economic Insights is a quarterly publication from the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia with a print distribution of 1100 and .pdfs made freely available to non-subscribers on the Bank's website. Economists and research analysts write non-technical articles about monetary policy, banking, and national, regional, and international economics intended for a wide audience.

After Covid-19 thoroughly disrupted our publication's third quarter issue, we attempted to return to a new normal for the fourth quarter. We returned to explaining economic concepts through simplified diagrams on the cover, describing the concept of supply and demand, fundamental to modern macroeconomics. In the first article, our author explored the differences in income and wealth among US generations, including both millennials and baby boomers. The author then described how the aging of the US population, given those differences, may potentially impact the conduct of monetary policy as it impacts the different generations in particular ways. For our second article, our author examined labour occupation projections and their accuracy, e.g. the good projections for medical occupations but misses for others like communications equipment operators. The author then discussed why those projections and their accuracy are important for governments, businesses, and households. The final article for 2020 returned to Covid-19 and examined the Bank's Covid-19 business outlook survey, launched in March, that assessed economic conditions in the Third District for the first several weeks of the pandemic. The author described the construction of the survey and the results from the 16 weeks the survey ran. Our interview feature again interviewed one of our authors whilst our Data in Focus highlighted one of the Bank's main surveys, the Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey.


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