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The space around us has a big influence on how we feel. Bath time is a relaxing break in the middle of the day for many people, and this effect can be enhanced by an aesthetically pleasing soap. Non-art aspects of our lives imitate art; through a visually pleasing everyday item, we can introduce a positive affect, which in turns improves our attitude and way of living. Guided by the concept of 'Life imitates art' and inspired by the simple soap bubble, FLOAT. makes artistic soap that uplifts both consumers and their homes. FLOAT.'s packaging is made by using a single sheet of paper with only folds to create a box for the soap. Instead of having an insert, instructions and information are printed on the inside of the packaging, so that the customer can readily read them after opening as well as reduce wastage.

Gold in Packaging Design 2018
Gold in Branding 2018

Design Director
Wang Min
Design Team

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