by Chih-Yuan Chang

Story Of Two Suns is a visual communication design work of a constructed language based on visual forms to narrate a story. The symbols are created logically by their figure and divided into nouns and verbs. The nouns are in single circles, lines, and dots, while the verbs are transformed from the nouns in which they are the outlines of circles, lines, and dots. This work is unique because it demonstrates the diverse use of media and techniques, such as wood, laser-cutting, and fabric. The use of wood represents the tribe's location, and the use of laser-cut means the drought and burn caused by the suns. Also, Bunun is famous for its textile and weave, which the dictionary (decoding message of the symbols) is printed on fabric.

Story Of Two Suns is inspired by the story of “Retrospection of the Sun” from the Taiwanese indigenous tribe - Bunun. The story depicts how a father and a son from the tribe went on a long trudge for decades to destroy one of the two suns to the moon to save the earth from drought and high temperature. Moreover, Bunun is located in the central mountain in Taiwan with a distinct culture and language of their own. Hence, the idea of delivering the story with visualized symbols on the puzzles is to demonstrate the importance of preserving and passing on this fascinating ancient story.


Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2021, Freelancer

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Chih-Yuan Chang

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