Rebranding Callander Youth Project Trust

by Katie Carmichael

Callander Youth Project Trust is a charity and social enterprise based in rural Scotland which invests the profit generated from its holiday accommodation and event venue in to delivering community youth work. The hospitality aspect of their work also creates jobs, training and volunteering opportunities for young people from the area.
They needed an identity to demonstrate the distinction and synergy between the three different aspects of the organisation. Working with the wooden beams on the building's iconic façade, the three design elements act independently as standalone icons and together as the organisation's logo, emphasising the interconnected nature of the different components of CYP’s work: Holidays, Venue and Youth Work. Combined together as a single logo, the design alludes to the different pathways CYP creates for young people, and reveals the form of the building, which is the hub of their activities.


Bronze in NGO & Non-Profit 2021, Freelancer

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Katie Carmichael

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