LOTE Asian 2014/15 catalogue cover design

by Maria Macri

The LOTE Bookshop specialises in sourcing foreign language learning material that caters for both teacher and student, and those wishing to undertake self study. This Asian Resource Catalogue promotes the various items available in the languages of Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese. A series of kokeshi (Japanese dolls) were illustrated to show different facial and physical expressions that enhanced this playful design. Asian patterns were created to strengthen the overall theme and feel, providing each kokeshi with their own individual quality. The addition of lanterns and fans of varying shapes added more interest to this cover illustration. Created in Adobe Illustrator using techniques including gradations, tints and transparencies, this allowed for a lively and fun illustration that isn't hindered by a two-colour limitation. With a client that says "Do whatever you like as long as it's two colours." this was a delightful project to create. The following images show the overall cover as a spread, then the front and back covers individually.


Gold in Promotional Materials 2018

Bronze in Illustration 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Maria Macri


The LOTE Bookshop