The Perfect Holiday Plan

by Wulcan creative

Christmas campaign for Tasku Center in Tartu, Estonia.

The whole idea plays around forming your own perfect christmas plan with the help of Tasku shopping center. Everything you need is there.

The internal visual focus of the campaign revolves around an oversized christmas planner and a powerful woman next to it. Color scheme is white-red-gold. Keeping the visuals warm, bright and minimal. In the visuals, we have combined 3D and photography for a bit surreal effect.

Main visuals were supported by direct mail and a game for clients. Direct mail was built up as a real planner with notes where to find the right options in the shopping center. For example from which store to find the best presents or where to have christmas lunches with friends. There was also left space for clients to add additional notes. In the last part of the direct mail there were discount cupons for different stores in Tasku Center.

The aim of the campaign was to make christmas easier for clients and also stand out in the city. That was accomplished well.


Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Mall Kullamaa, Catherine Karu

Design Company

Wulcan creative

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