Livelihood Cyclists of Delhi: A Snapshot

by Purpose

This infographic was designed by Purpose Climate Lab to visualize data-driven insights around the experiences and challenges of livelihood cyclists in Delhi, India. “Livelihood cyclists” are citizens who depend on cycling to commute to work and earn their livelihood.

The project consortium including Purpose Climate Lab, Asar and CEED set out to mobilize the residents of Delhi, India to demand short and long-term cycling infrastructure demands from the Delhi government. The goal was to engage with the Delhi government, and generate demand for laying the groundwork for the adoption of a Non-Motorized Transport policy in the city that encourages the adoption of bicycles as a popular means of commuting.

Lack of reliable and accurate data available in the public domain on the usage patterns, challenges and motivations of livelihood cyclists led to conducting a perception study with 1400 livelihood cyclists. The survey gathered essential information like their dependence, challenges, aspirations, motivations, and demands related to cycling. Despite the movement restrictions in place, this was an entirely offline activity, led by CEED, and managed to garner new and enlightening insights into the experiences of livelihood cyclists.

The identities of the cyclists of Delhi, particularly, those belonging to lower income groups, became the face of the project - “Cycle Chalegi, Delhi Badhegi.”. From the graphics, visuals, messaging, and content, each element of the campaign strived to include a true representation of what it means to be a cyclist in Delhi. Furthermore, engagement strategies to promote cycling appealed to people’s quintessential pride and love for the city, by promoting an aspiration of making Delhi a world class city.


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Pratyush Gupta, Purpose; Sanchita Mahajan, Purpose; Navdha Malhotra, Purpose; Harpreet Bhullar, Purpose; Surabhi Srivastava, Digital Consultant