Empowering Global Telecoms to implement 5G

by ADG (Aesthetic Dimension Group)

EINO is a technology startup that leverages its proprietary algorithm to accurately forecast demand and drives efficient CAPEX planning for 5G upgrades as a result of their collaboration with ADG.

EINO’s founder Payman Samadi had a winning machine learning algorithm that was both fast and flexible, finding relevant application in several industries. After all, it accurately predicted future demand. The missing piece in this was the value proposition for user experience. After all, technology and products can only be tangibly appreciated in the experience of the user.

The key challenges were to identify our target users, identify the key drivers of their decision making process, design a smooth workflow and eventually narrow down to the user experience to match the industry knowledge that the application would be most suited for.

EINO partnered with ADG to evaluate, test and design an application using the ADG Design and Society approach. Through the process, ADG identified that time, volume and geography were the key success drivers for the technology, allowing us to start designing a UX experience for someone who consistently looks at these data points to make decisions and imagine how their life and job would be made easier. Through our exploratory research and user feedback, we narrowed down to the telecom industry. Telecoms companies are constantly planning and upgrading their networks. They have thousands of towers, but only have the ability to upgrade a certain number each year. We found that Telecoms companies needed information to know which towers to prioritize for upgrade. We integrated features such as dataset import functionality, easy search, filtration and selection of data points, and offering clean, actionable insight for the data analysts to help them prioritize their actions..
Thus, ADG created a dashboard for data analysts in these telecom companies to plan their 5G rollout...


Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Noteh Krauss

Design Company

ADG (Aesthetic Dimension Group)

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Noteh Krauss