These Spaces Become Our Places

by Compass

As part of the Art Basel edition of CULTURED magazine, Compass created an accompanying publication insert packaged within the magazine along with a digital campaign to advertise the program. "These Spaces Become Our Places" is the title of the piece, founded on the idea that our home is more than a backdrop, it is a core element of our story. A home is ours to define, and a living work of art.

The project contains a collection of unique homes and spaces that have been curated to inspire curiosity. The cover art, back cover, and poster insert all tell the story of these spaces coming together and taking the shape of its inhabitants through a series of collages made up of pieces from each featured home. The collages create an entirely new space or home, showing different versions of the space at different times of the day. A poster version of the collage was digitized and animated. The digital campaign featured interactive Instagram stories as well as email headers, social posts, and digital ads.


Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Liz Oh

Design Company


Project Website

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Design Team

Carlos Salazar, Hannah Tsvayberg


Individual Credits

Designer: Carlos Salazar
Designer: Hannah Tsvayberg
Creative Manager: Kevin Clancy