Rec Worktables Video

by Studio TK

This year, leading workplace furniture manufacturer, Studio TK created its first ever stop motion video, which highlights Christophe Pillet, designer of Studio TK’s latest worktable collection, Rec. Studio TK’s goal was to unearth a story that went beyond just furniture. They wanted to break from the mold of traditional product videos and play into the spirit of Studio TK’s human focus and social charisma.

They began by interviewing Pillet over the phone and found a consistent throughline — designing for happiness. The original storyboards set out to capture this story utilizing filmed interviews with Christophe, plus live action b-roll of his studio in France. Then the global pandemic hit, forcing Studio TK to completely rethink how they could tell this product story without the conveniences afforded by a traditional in-person film production. With the safety of all involved as a top priority, they took this as an opportunity to challenge themselves creatively to think beyond their original idea and found inspiration in stop motion animation.

Creating a stop motion film not only provided a way to produce a video in accordance with safety protocols, but proved to be the ideal way to tell Pillet’s story — a film medium that is inherently imperfect, raw, and brimming with personality just like the Rec Table itself. The design behind Rec is inspired by the natural, rectangular worktables from the industrial age. Stop motion animation and Rec tables are both minimalistic, yet eye-catching creating the perfect union.

With a voice over and storyboard in hand, Studio TK began to shoot, one frame at a time. Several days and more than 1,800 frames later, they stitched the video together, telling the story of Studio TK, Christophe Pillet, the Rec worktable collection, but above all, the importance of experiencing happiness in the workplace — something...


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