The Qunubu Way

by IS Design Labs, Black Bloom Studio, GTA General Contractors

Qunubu, the origin of the word cannabis, in ancient Assyrian means “way to produce smoke.” Following the name, the brand was positioned as embedded in history and knowledge. Symbolizing the self, wholeness, and perfection, the visual identity is based on a circular shape. The flowing smoke swirls signify moments of recreation and a break from the daily hassle. The welcoming and rounded wordmark of Qunubu Cannabis is laid out in an organized way with syllable breaks to ensure ease of pronunciation while displaying a sense of education. Furthermore, through the use of balanced colors, modern design elements, environmental graphics, and an earthy palette of finishes, the store radiates comfort and inclusivity. Along with that, it also serves to educate patrons about the plant through its interactive kiosks and displays. Qunubu; a brand designed for individuals who value professionalism with expert services within a practical cafe-inspired setting.


Gold in Hemp & CBD 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Iliana Sergeev & Tracy Ho

Design Company

IS Design Labs, Black Bloom Studio, GTA General Contractors

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Qunubu Cannabis

Design Team

Iliana Sergeev, Tracy Ho, GTA General Contractors

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