Cereals Canada New Crop Reimagined

by Critical Mass

Canadian Cereals products are renowned around the world as premium quality products -  however, many other countries can claim the same thing.  Yet, at the same time, buyers were challenging and putting more pressure on the definition of premium. The recipe of yore stemmed from what the product was - its composites, and ability to deliver on desired applications. However,  the new definition encompasses  a more holistic and more responsible proposition - from the ground up. 

A challenge already embraced by the Canadian Cereals value chain -- a team that is committed to responsible progress and practices. An industry that prides themselves not just on what they grow and sell - but the fact that are part of nourishing the world.  A truth that is core to the Canadian Cereals' DNA - today and tomorrow. 

Our challenge was to help tell this story, shifting their brand definition and expression to reflect their heart and this commitment. Shifting their story from the crops they sell,  to one that is focused on why and how they do it.  A move designed to transform them from  simply being a premium product, to declaring themselves as the new global standard, a standard that has higher standards. 


Gold in Branding for Social Change 2021

Gold in Food - Other 2021

Silver in Logos 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Valarie Carlson

Design Company

Critical Mass

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Design Team

Valarie Carlson, Chief Creative Officer Joel Harding, Art Director Allison Carlson, Associate Director of User Experience Sabrina Alaimo, Lead ...


Individual Credits

Chief Creative Officer: Valarie Carlson
Art Director: Joel Harding
Associate Director of User Experience: Allison Carlson