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InVision Freehand is the only digital whiteboard that’s seamlessly integrated into the product development process, empowering entire teams to create together, all in one place—it’s the design-thinking place of origin. Additionally, the tool has never been more relevant than today, as remote work is the new normal and the speed of digital product design and development has accelerated faster than anyone predicted. As we like to say, our product should never be a barrier to entry for any collaborator (whether it’s marketing, legal, finance, and more) and Freehand is so simple, everyone can use it.

To respond to surging usage following the move towards remote work and increasing need for product development, in the past year InVision made Freehand more engaging than ever, with more than 20 updates including sticky notes, version history, emoji reactions, easy voting tools, exporting capabilities, shape locking, and popular templates like brainstorming and wireframing. In late fall, we launched templates by some of the world’s leading product teams, from AWS to Atlasssian and XBox. Together these features create a compelling tool that can guide any product team from critical early product conversations with stakeholders through execution, in a collaborative whiteboard which is a more powerful, pleasant, and rewarding experience than verbal or typed exchanges.

The numbers don’t lie: we’ve seen triple-digit growth since March 2020, and we don’t think we’ve seen peak usage yet.


Gold in Digital Tools and Utilities 2021

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