Battle for Democracy Fund Brand

by SRH

When community organizers, Battle for Democracy Fund, wanted to bring their unique voter empowerment model to the world, they came to SRH for branding, a website, and an organic social media content strategy. The challenge was threefold; to educate viewers on voter suppression, explain how their approach outperforms blanket canvassing, and to show donors where their money goes — all while remaining nonpartisan and nonprofit (which can be tricky in terms of color palette alone). Using vivid, custom colors and clean iconography, we worked to encapsulate these complicated messages into easy-to-understand stories. The videos juxtapose bold shapes and motion, with an inspiringly human voice over, reflective of their human-powered network. The result had our client raving, “Thank you! You've been able to give us a sophistication of message that we wouldn't be able to do on our own." In a matter of weeks the fund received donations into the tens of thousands, all of which was immediately funneled to local voter education groups in key states.


Silver in Branding for Social Change 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Angela Ryan

Design Company


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Battle for Democracy Fund

Design Team

Creative Director — Matt Sabljak Art Director — Angela Ryan Designer — Adam Nelson Designer — Quyen Tonnu Motion Graphics — Mauricio Alvarez


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Matt Sabljak
Art Director: Angela Ryan
Designer: Adam Nelson